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Rawfood detox week van September 2023
En van 9 t/m 16 September

Dance around the fire singing mantra‘s
Meditation Personal healing Clearing your energybody

I Like to welcome you on this trip which is all about Love…
On this sensual island Ibiza
This retreat is about brother and sisterhood.
Carrying for yourself and each other.
To create a new world you need to look at yourself with compassion and understanding.
Love and forgiveness.
You are love & light.
How would you feel if you can be yourself in a group where is no judgment where is no competition, no envy, and no fear? Where you can be yourself. Remembering who you really are…
This week is for yourself to let your Divine spark awaken. And find new Power, Passion, Oneness, Harmony, Unconditional love, Faith, Freedom, Transform and renew. Cleaning your energy body and let go of the stored pain in your physical body.
To prepare for the new time that is coming. If you have the longing to open your heart for yourself and rise in love with yourself come with us to Ibiza. The best way to rise in love with yourself is to surround yourself with other people and let them mirror your quality ‘s. Different kind of people come together to free intuitive dance together, with free expression on your own unique way, singing mantra’s, laugh together, relax and enjoy, do eye-gazing, healing massages, touch healing, going through different healing processes, breathing, eating high frequency raw food, embrace your authenticity, do sensual waterflow, rebirth healing and womb healing in the ocean, feel the oneness and just be yourself.In this week we are holding space to go through different layers to heal yourself a healing process. Learning to love your whole being and body. Invite and discover the powerful invisible Goddess archetypes within to let her inspire you and help you let go of limitations, and embrace new ways of awakening your light body.
Discover new soul desires find wholeness and discover the depths in you.I am holding space for you to meet God to dive deeper within so you can connect with your soul that unique treasure and invite your soul inside your body. Connecting with your soul will make you the wise mature Divine being that you really are.That this earth needs so much to become new. 
Rise in Love with yourself and come to Ibiza. Sacred Cacao CeremonyDuring this Sacred Cacao ceremony we will drink Cacao from the rainforest of Guatemala. The spirit of cacao; Ixcacao helps us to remain us our true self, cacao opens your heart chakra and upper heart for more Pleasure Abundance Consciousness. The Goddess of Cacao makes you soft and opens you for healing processes Cacao opens for wisdom and harmony and will lift you up and enlighten you and is there for you to open and honor your sacred true self and of others. The spirit plant of cacao helps the world with the shiftLet every cell transform in you and become new, come alive. Leave the old world behind and free yourself. Waterflow with Salvatore Oceano During the waterflow sessions with Salvatore Oceano and meditation and group healings from Cecile we will heal your womb and second chakra from ancestors and collective energy. Your womb energy or feminine energy in a man is creative energy.
Learn to use it wisely. Let it lift you up heal it from old abuse energy female energy has to deal with also in the female energy from men. With healing, we transform old wounds into powerful energy for pursuing a new life purpose?
A new dimension of freedom love humor from you soul to lighten up your life claim your full power (all that you are) and allow your truest self to emerge to rejoice in who you’ve always wanted to be.
Rise in love with yourself. Wholeness requires you to embrace every aspect of yourself light and dark without judgments, and honoring your Divine soul desires helps you to ground and balance. It’s the time to embrace the authentic self and awaken the power and freedom of a mature human being, to fully live as you discover and embrace new energies. Knowledge of the Divine in you is giving insights into your own psychology as well as that of others and bring more love balance harmony, clarity, compassion, and wisdom into your relationships. 
Empowerment and abundance Is this your Journey?
For more information contact:
Tel: 06-12313537 


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